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Enrollment & Forms


The Village Educational center enrolls children from the ages of 2 thru 6. Each child admitted must be physically and emotionally ready for the type of group experience provided by our program

At the time of enrollment a packet must be reviewed and completed including but not limited to:

  • Parent Handbook PDF Application/Welcome Letter
  • Admission Agreement
  • Emergency Information
  • Parent's Rights
  • Personal Rights
  • Immunization/Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment
  • Child's Pre-Admission Health History (2 pages)
  • Photo/Video/Sunscreen Release
  • Visitor Conduct/ Receipt Of Handbook
  • Physician's Report/TB Clearance
  • Illness and Accident Procedure Card
  • Nebulizer Care Consent/Verification Form (only if necessary)
  • Immunization Waiver (upon request)
  • Parent Handbook PDF Receipt of Parent Handbook

Medical records must be provided within six weeks after a child begins attending The Village Preschool and then as age requires thereafter. Any abnormal health examinations require follow-up results. The child's health insurance coverage should be provided to The Village Preschool for emergency purposes. As a part of physical and emotional readiness each child must be potty trained / no-longer in diapers. If a child has an accident The Village staff retains the right to contact caregivers to come and change the child's soiled clothes. Another aspect of this readiness is a child being able to part from comforts of home such as blankets, pacifiers, and bottles.

The confidentiality of your child's records and information is important to us. It is our policy to keep hard copy records as well as your child's hard copy file locked in our filing cabinet at all times. Only qualified staff will be allowed access to these files. All confidential children's files kept on the computer are secured by passwords. Access to these computer files will be allowed only to qualified staff.

Parent Handbook

Families are encouraged to participate in school. We understand each family has unique needs and circumstances. The Village staff strives to develop an open and supportive communication and atmosphere with families to help make each child's learning experience the best it can be.

Parent Handbook PDF Click here to download the Parent Hanbook

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